Death of a Malay-Muslim Female Dancer

Interview with Nadiah Shahjohan by Hasyimah Harith

When was your last Malay dance performance?

2014 Nus Ilsa Tari’s Temasek Berbisik (a contemporary dance item entitled Kemuncak, and a traditional dance item), choreography by Osman Hamid.

What helps you decide to stop doing Malay dance professionally?

2014; It was timely as I felt the age gap was getting wider and the time commitment was hard to be met (late night training hours) due to work and family commitments.

If I, Hasyimah Harith, want to continue practising and dancing Malay dance till 70 years old, what will you say to me?

Go for it! Dance can be felt and practiced in many ways. Prepare for your life ahead with dance and plan for the stability of your family (congrats!) today, and you will enjoy dance till old age!

Documented by Grace Baey
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